Commercial space travel with Japanese startup called PD AeroSpace

PD AeroSpace

We are in 2018 and the space age is not here yet but as you can guess, startup world has a solution for almost every problem out there and space travel and tourism is no exception. A new startup from Japan has already planned for Commercial space travel and this startup named PD AeroSpace may change the way we think about space and tourism.

This startup tool is from Nagoya and they have an amazing ambition that may help them achieve what almost seems impossible for many of us. They want to take their first space tourists out of our green planet by 2023. This means that in 5 years this startup will go and take people to outer space.

How far we can go with PD AeroSpace

They want to send people to a place with 110 kilometer distance from earth’s surface and this means that you will be in outer space for a nice short vacation. Obviously this service won’t be given for free and each person should pay 153 thousand dollar and this means not everyone will be able to afford this trip. The system will be able to send 6 people to space in one round but they won’t be alone there because there will be two pilots onboard as well.

CEO of PD AeroSpace is named Shuji Qgawa and he has some interesting points about this project. He expresses this situation like this: “We would like to open a new space era with the spacecraft. Space has the power to attract people.” These two sentences can make things quiet clear in this project. This plan is only the initial level and PD AeroSpace will have an expansion plan but it depends on the level of success they will get from their first level of space tourism.

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