How can you sell your startup to google?

How can you sell your startup to google?

We all have the dream to make a giant out of our startup or selling it to a giant such as google but how can we do such amazing task? This article is all about tricks which make your company interesting for google.

Google has tons of products but they didn’t create all of them. Many of these products are results of buying a startup and adding it to their family But remember, starting a startup with selling it as the main goal is doomed to failure and you should put your heart and soul into your startup first and then if any great offer came along, think about it. So if you want to be in the same boat, then let’s set sail.

1- What you have to offer

The most important aspect of any startup is product. If what you have is not interesting enough for normal audience then how can you think of gaining attention from giants like google? You should mature your idea before execution, avoid repetition and start thinking fresh. Google is not interested in average ideas and products. They want something new and if you don’t have something new then forget about joining any giant company.

2- Great team to have a great journey

This on sound a little bit cliché but its plain fact. You can’t make a great product using a weak team. Your team should be knowledgeable, passionate and united. Your team should put their heat and soul into your products and to do so, they look up to you.

If you as CEO or founder of your startup, believe in your work and try hard for it then they will repeat you and this leads into a success that not only goggle, but any one wants it to be a part of their team.

3- Google loves google

This one sounds a little bit weird. Google loves ex googlers. They trust people whom where a part of their team once.  A great trick is to hire an ex googler as a part of your team. This one is not a must but it will help you big time.

People who used to work for google, can bring you ideas insights and a lot more about what google wants and guess what? Knowledge is gold. So keep this in mind that this guy can act as an insider but in a good and constructive way.

4- Know your limits, rivals and partners

Before anything else you should know what is going on around you. If you ignore your own weakness then others will identify it and they will attack you form the same weak spot. If you know your own weakness then you can fortify your company to avoid any damage from that point.

On the other hands you should know who is a friend and who is a rival. You should know your friends and allies to call for help in time of need. And you should know your rivals to monitor them and keep your edge by improving above their level.

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