Small Business Marketing Tips for 2019


You want to get your business at the next level, Marketing is a powerful tool. you can’t achieve your long-term goals without having proper small business marketing strategies.

Most of the small businesses look back and determine what worked for their brand and what strategies may need to be adjusted for the coming year.

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Focus on the powerful marketing channels

There are many paid online channels to promote your small business. It’s waste of time and effort by using all the channels. you should try out different types of channels and campaigns.

For instance, if you are a B2B service provider, you could select to use LinkedIn for outreach to connect with potential customers. This is a great platform for publishing and promoting articles and business news.

If you are a small fashion store, your way is very different. Pay more attention to other social media like Instagram.

Use email marketing to build customer relationships

One of the most effective strategies to stay in touch with expected customers is email marketing.

It’s much more popular than you thought and about 83% of people prefer email as one of the channels to get promotions from businesses they trust.

At first, you need to turn your website visitors into known contacts before you can convert them into paying buyers.

You can use website popups and contact forms to collect email addresses of your potential customers. Another way is to offer free trials to get your audience to share their contact details.

when you create your email marketing list from a set of potential customers next you can build a relationship with them through campaigns. By this tactic, your brand stays on top of mind and in their list of possible suppliers.

Here are some of the email campaigns you can run:

  • For new subscribers create Welcome emailers
  • Include educational content
  • Contain offering discounts
  • Emails by introducing the new product

These campaigns can allow you to improve business recall and trigger purchase decisions. Automate your email campaigns to save time and effort is a good idea.

Produce and Promote your quality content

Maybe budgets limit you from social media promotion or running paid campaigns. Just show the power of paid campaigns to promote some of your quality content. you need to use small budgets smartly, make more use of the content that you strike a balance.

Keep an eye on marketing behavior trends It’s also important to and changes. For example, recently for the first time more referral traffic generated from search than social media.

if your market did well about your quality content, it has the potential to bring in traffic in both social and search.

Tell a unique Business story

Once producing quality content, your objective is to build an audience for it.

The goal is to create a unique business content voice. Think about emotional words that represent your market.

A consistent voice allows building a connection with your viewers. When they’ll resonate with your quality content, they’ll certainly become your audience. Customize your quality content to each social network channel. You can review the latest quality content trends on social channels. For instance, on LinkedIn long-form motivational updates are doing really well. Similarly, on Instagram audience are crazy about story videos, IGTV videos, and stories.

These are some content creation tips:

  • Understand about your audience and their content preferences.
  • Create and design your quality content educational and entertaining.
  • consider content by looking out for industry trends.

A unique style that lends a voice to your business will allow your brand to stand out. It will lead your brand to the door of content marketing success.

Given the big amount of quality content created every day, it’s hard for some small businesses to be heard online. About 20% should be creation and 80% promotion. A great technique to overcome being looked over is to join forces with other small businesses who:

  • Market with the same audience
  • It’s not a competitor
  • try content marketing and to promote their content use similar channels

Next, your market can find methods to co-market. For example, hold events or webinars together on common themes or other forms of reciprocal marketing.

Produce video updates and explainer videos

According to a survey of about 300 content marketers that done by Venngage on visual content marketing, about 45.5% predict that more than 80% of companies would rely heavily on visuals as part of their marketing efforts. Also, the main challenge for content marketers is producing content consistently (34.8%); the second challenge is producing really outstanding content (31.3%).


Your brand needs to produce content that sticks with your audience with fast-changing social media algorithms. If you want to target more reach and engagement on your quality content, you need to produce content that sticks with your audience.

The script is the key and the base to create and the entire a success video. A team of writers who are not involved in the day to day life of the product can create the best scripts.

  • Target the pain
  • Show the product or service as the solution
  • How to get started with the solution
  • Critical and keep it focused on the call to action
  • Sell the benefits of a service or product, not the features.
  • Think Like a follower or audience: Explainer videos produce with the audience by thinking from their perspective. Not trying to explain just entertain. Don’t teach them instead engage them.

The Referral’s Power

we are genetically like to share happiness and our memorable moments with our friends and families as human. In the modern world, we share it with others across the world through our online presence. This makes the referral the powerful marketing strategy for brands. The companies can create a loyalty program or a provide referral bonus to motivate their audience to share their experience with their peers.

As we tend to believe our human connections more than the online listings the credibility of referral marketing is high. This is the same reasons why reviews can improve or damage the reputation of the business.

Influencer Marketing

Opinions of experts are respected and valued across the world. This same does for the influencers in the digital world. influencers have built their credibility over the years through their expertise in their selected field and locality. They can be significant influencers of the customer’s behavior and thereby become supporters for small businesses.

The role of these businesses is to find these bloggers and vloggers through the various sources available in both offline and online mediums. They can then do a review of the product offered by the company. This will serve as a reliable and efficient medium for these brands. This way of marketing is one of the most growing marketing trends of 2018.

Know Your Audience Better

Flexibility and feasibility in enriching their consumer service are one of the advantages of small businesses. The brand owners have the opportunity to interact with their followers as customers and are one of the best marketing strategies. It allows them in understanding the expectation of the end user and package their product according to the market demands.

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  1. Great list that isn’t necessarily beholden to the latest marketing fads of 2019. For example, I love how you listed email marketing–still a very powerful tool–over influencer marketing which seems like it’s been getting a ton of ink lately.

  2. Also, for those service providers that want to get some exposure to small businesses, you can get a free listing in the Fanbank Community Resource Directory.


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