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Human life is all about communication and when it comes to business, especially startup ones, communication is more important than what we can think of. Managing all communications in business can be extremely tricky and that’s why we need tools such as Slack. In this article we will take a look at slack and show you what it has to offer to you.

Team work and channels

Teamwork in normal startups needs to be managed but   when you are using Slack it happens in channels. You have a single place for messaging, tools and files and since everything is in their place then you can manage it smoothly. It will help saving time in your team by making collaboration easier among team members.

You can organized conversations within your team and later on you can search history to find specific chat. You can create different channels for different programs and even if you want, you can share them with other companies who are working closely on that specific project.

From chat to audio and video

Your communication in Slack is not only about text based mediums and you can add audio and video conversations to your channel. You can send video messages and audio files but it’s not going to stop there and you can make video and audio calls using Slack as well.

You can manage your files there too.  Slack has an integrated file sharing system which lets you to drag and drop multiple files to the channel. This system supports different file types such as PDFs, images, videos and many more.

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Feedback as expected

The best way of analyzing your progress is through feedback and when you use Slack, you can use integrated feedback system as a part of package. You can archive them and keep track of your progress in time.

Another great advantage of using Slack is that in this system, tools and services work in the same place as your team. So your information is securely shared within the channel. This is like hitting two birds with one stone because maintaining security while sharing files has always been a headache for startup teams.

Today more than 70000 companies are using Slack and this amazing tool has more than 8 million active users every single day. So go on and try it for free and explore its features within given time. Then after the trial, get the license if you find it useful.

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