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Healthcare startups are on the rise and we all know some of them who have made a big name and impact in today’s world. But there is a new sheriff in town, a former investment banker Charlie Barlow is on his way to make one of the greatest healthcare startups in the world.

He wants to simply democratize the primary healthcare field. His main target region is Middle East and to be more specific, UAE. As many of you are aware, this country is known for over-prescribing of medicine and excessed and unwanted lab tests which leads to inefficient care.

He explains his vision like this: “I experienced first-hand a number of inefficiencies within primary healthcare, including the drive time to go to a clinic, the wait time to actually see a doctor, and the fact that you are sat in a germ-filled waiting room in a doctor’s clinic.”

This entrepreneur is 41-year old and originally from Britannia. But he has decided to go for UAE because of the scalability of business there. If he can make it there then we will see more places covered with this amazing healthcare startups.

Barlow continues to explain the situation like this: “Something that fundamentally shocked me and really alarmed me and it is the awful lot of abusive situations where the likes of lab tests, diagnostic testing is over-tested and where people are pushed to branded drugs over generic drugs. What all of this serves to do is put the consumer very much second in terms of the healthcare relationship.”

He is going to use mobile network to expand his idea for healthcare startups. And since UAE has lower cost in terms of foreign investments then his team can use this environment to make one of the greatest healthcare startups in the whole world. This system should launch soon.

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