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Richard Branson

We have introduced you to many startup founders and entrepreneurs in startupik but today we have a special one for you: Richard Branson is a huge name in business world and today we want to take a look at his life to see what he has done to earn his position as an entrepreneur and a well-known business man.

Early life and path of businessman ship

Richard Branson or as his full name and title states, Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, born in London back in 1950. His family were rich and famous so he raised in a high class environment made of people like his grandfather who was a judge in England’s high court.

But life was not easy for him as a child. Richard Branson had dyslexia and because of that, his academic performance was not that good. His family never stopped supporting him and that lead to a point where he started to show his sparkles as a talented young man.

One of the fun facts about his childhood is that, head master of the school where Richard Branson studied once told him he either will become a millionaire or ends up in jail, and he was wrong because Richard Branson didn’t become either one, he became a billionaire! He quitted school when he was only 16 and started a small newspaper with his friend and this newspaper named Student, was his first step toward greatness.

Starting Virgin with a great vision

Back in 1980’s Richard Branson who had already a successful decade as a business man, started Virgin brand. His first step was Virgin Atlantic Airways, an airway focused on economic flights. After that he started Virgin Mobile in the last year of previous century and then expanded his airline business to Australia udder Virgin Australia brand.

During 20 years, he expanded Virgin airlines into multiple countries and then he felt that the sky is not high enough for his ambitions. The result was a business who targeted beyond this planet. Richard Branson started Virgin Galactic in 2004 and stated that he wants to make space tourism real.

Right now he is one of the richest people in the world. Richard Branson has net worth of 4.9 billion US Dollars and spends most of his time with his family or with his multiple Virgin Brands. Right now he is the 4th richest man in UK and is one of top 1000 influential people of the world according to Time magazine.

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