SFOX, a 23 million$ cryptocurrency adventure from Airbnb Co-Founder


Airbnb Co-Founder Nathan Blecharczky recently got involved with a new cryptocurrency startup called SFOX and they have already got 23 million US dollar fund to start a great project.

Cryptocurrency is red hot today and we all know that there is tons of interest toward this market. This led into some big names going for this market and invests in them and one of these people is Nathan Blecharczky.

If you think that his name is familiar to you then you should know that he is co founder of Airbnb and uses his power and experience helping growing startups. Right now he has invested in one Cryptocurrency startup called SFOX.

At the moment, SFOX is a cryptocurrency trading platform and they had a huge boost form Nathan Blecharczky in recent days. This boost is a 22.7 million US dollar funding that will help them invest in new approaches and techniques.

They have already announced and approves these news in an official statement and now Nathan Blecharczky is legally a part owner of SFOX startup. Another key player in SFOX is Arjun Sethi. He is a well-known Indian entrepreneur and having combination of these two can bring sparkles of magic within SFOX.

Golden combination of two entrepreneurs

Arjun Sethi explained the current situation like this: “trade from a single account and buy and sell high volumes without impacting prices is exactly what institutional investors looking to embrace cryptocurrencies need as the ecosystem becomes more fragmented”

This statement alone will show the importance of this startup in the future of cryptocurrency. So this company may be a great part of 9 billion dollar worth of market that exists today. SFOX is not alone in this venture and recently we have seen a 12 million $ investment in cryptocurrency by General Electric on another startup named Xage Security.

And the winner of the most innovative startup if the year is Fizyr


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