A bad good thing called Romance in startup

A bad good thing called Romance in startup

Usually in any startup we deal with young people and when you are young, you tend to be more romantically involved in everything and see every possible chance as a one to find your soul mate. Well it’s not necessarily a bad thing but not when your work may get harmed from your actions and feelings. One of the most awful headaches that a startup CEO can face is romance between his/her team members and in this article we will go a little bit in depth of Romance in startup to see how we can control it and channel it into some useful thing.

Why Romance in startup can be destructive?

When you work, you can’t just have all the fun time in the world, you may do something wrong and your boss may have to scold you. It’s completely natural but you have to be able to handle it well and keep on working. But if your partner is there too, then you may feel humiliated and some people may even get aggressive in defense. Sometimes even the partner will dragged into something which is not even related to him and this can cause a domino effect in the whole startup.


They always say, prevention is better than cure and the same can go for startup romance too. I remember working for an startup and in their agreement with me, they had a clear point that employees cannot be emotionally involved with one another and if such case happens then company has all the rights to discontinue this agreement as a one sided decision.

Well it may be a little bit rough or even extreme at first  but it was quiet effective and I never saw such troubles in that company. So if you can’t handle Romance in startup then prevent it from ever happening.

What if Romance in startup happens?

So what if Romance in startup happens and then you have to deal with it? You may not want to fire two or one of your employees so what can you do in such this case? First option is relocating one of the partners. Move one of them to another floor or section so their daily interaction inside working environment reduces to minimum.

Another important thing to do is calling them for a private meeting. In this meeting you should clarify (in a friendly manner) that you don’t want this Romance to harm your startup and ring the bell for them to avoid trouble. Tell them that losing them is a loss for the company but if you feel that their romance is in the way of company’s progress then you have to face them and react.

So these were only some of the things you can do in order to avoid troubles that comes with Romance in startup. What do you think about this article, is there any other effective way that you know? Let us know in the comment section below.

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