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In startupik we have covered some of the best tools you can use as a startup and today we want to give you yet another useful tool to manage your content easier than ever. This tool is called buzzsumo and in will make your content platforms managed in a way that you can get best of it for your business use and benefit so jump on for an exciting ride toward a slick tool.

What is buzzsumo?

Creating content is extremely important in today’s business world. You may create something and get copy label by people and rivals, you may create something which is not deemed as suitable content and lots and lots of other situations that may harm your image. But if you have a great guide then you are good to go and create and publish content and that’s exactly what buzzsumo does for you.

Buzzsumo is an online service which can help you manage your content. It will show you what kind on content you need to create in order to get advantage over your rivals and get your audience connected to you. Based on their own definition, buzzsumo Analyzes what content performs best for any topic or competitor which is a fair description for a huge tool such as this one.

7 type of service

You can get 7 types of service from buzzsumo and they are the following:

Content discovery, Brand monitoring, Influencer marketing, Content curation, Content insight, Content research and planning, Competitor research and finally, question analyzer.

As you can see there are almost nothing left for you to search for them elsewhere (obviously only when it comes to content) and buzzsumo is giving you an amazing deal of services to use.

How much you have to pay?

Well there are 4 types of accounts that you can get from buzzsumo. The most basic one is called pro and you have to pay 79$ per month for 5 alerts and 5000 mentions. The next one is plus account and it will give you double of what you can get in pro mode plus question analyzer but the cost is 139 per month.

Next type of account is called Large and you have to pay 239$ per month to get 30 alerts and 20,000 mentions plus question analyzer and FaceBook analyzer. The last one is called Enterprise and it will give you the same level of access as large account with      50+ alerts. You can use any of these account type as a trial so go on and give it a shot today.

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