Top 10 startup companies in India

Top 10 startup companies in India

There are many countries in the world who have a huge number of startups but it may come as a surprise for you to know that only United States has more startup companies than India. Today we will give you the list of Top 10 startup companies in India and take a look at each one to see why they made their way to our list.

10- Practo

Top 10 startup companies in India

We all have to go for treatment sometime and clinics and hospitals are there to give us such service. There are good clinics and there are bad and average ones but how should we know that the clinic that we want to go is good or bad? Well if you live in India then you can refer to Practo. This website made the quality of medical services in India jump to a higher level in a short amount of time and that why they made their way to our list for Top 10 startup companies in India.

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9- Cashkaro

Top 10 startup companies in India

We all love to get back for what we spend. In traditional way, we only used to get product or service but in modern era we have a thing called cashback. Cashkaro is a cashback system that can give service providers and customers a new set of possibilities for cahback and coupon. This website have already created a new chance for E-commerce websites to get more and better customer base and that’s why they have made it this far in Top 10 startup companies in India.

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8- Dream11

Top 10 startup companies in India

Indian people love 3 things more than life: spicy foods, bollywood and dance. If you want to know what is extremely close to these 3 then it is a royal sport came from England and called cricket. This sport is so popular there that India is always one of the top teams in the world. Dream11 is a fantasy cricket game that has millions of users and by the way it has a fantasy football as well but honestly football in India is as popular as Fidel Castro in USA so the success behind Dream11 is all about cricket and it has a well earned position in our list of Top 10 startup companies in India.

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7- HackerEarth

Top 10 startup companies in India

If you want to hire programmers in India then you have a great choice ahead of you and you can use HackerEarth as a hub to search for professional programmers. This platform will give people a chance to register as a programmer and find projects. From the other point of view, you can get programmers you need to get great and smooth process of hiring people. It has a level based system that can differentiate between people with different level of skills and in a country like India with a high rate of computer software development, HackerEarth is a wonderful resource.

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6- Mysmartprice

Top 10 startup companies in India

If you want to know what’s the price for something in online stores then you will simply go to that store website and check it. But what if other websites give you a better price or offer for the same product? Then you have to manually search for them one by one but if you are in India, you can use Mysmartprice. This startup is a search system for all types of products that can give you a price comparison for different web sources which has a link to each one of the provider’s page.  So its simplicity and effectiveness got acknowledged by people of India and Mysmartprice turned into a giant in startup world.

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Top 10 startup companies in India

Ever thought about the size of market in India? It’s huge when you compare it to many other countries around the world because they have 1.3 billion people there living in harmony. This huge market needs its own market place with unique style and functionalities so that’s when comes in to make obstacles disappear. This startup is a website that can give people customized rate quotes on loans and insurance product. It’s simple and effective and almost anyone can use it regardless of location and knowledge and that’s a key factor in their progress.

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4- Freshdesk

Top 10 startup companies in India

Customer support is a great issue in places like India. These people have double figure number of languages and each part of the country has a unique culture of its own and that’s why an automated software to manage customer support such as Freshdesk became a great and successful startup. They are currently ranked 4th in Top 10 startup companies in India and based on the way they are going forward; they may even improve this rank in future.

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3- Bajaj Finserv

Top 10 startup companies in India

Bajaj is a very well known name in different industries and people outside India know this name as well. Bajaj Finserv is a startup branch of the main company that offers financial services to Indian citizens. It gives loan with minimum interest to people and these days, they are more popular than ever because many people think about starting their own business and places like Bajaj Finserv are a great source of fund for emerging startups. There are not much to say about them because what they do is somehow self explanatory.

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2- Pepperfry

Top 10 startup companies in India

We all love furnishing our home and furniture is important for our daily life, but when it comes to eastern people, there is a certain level of wow in their house interiors and in India, people are willing to spend more on their furniture. This may be one of the main reasons behind the great success that Pepperfry experienced as a startup but there are many other aspects that led them in our Top 10 startup companies in India. For example they have a time limit that user can test the furniture and during this time period, even if there is no specific reason, they will take back the furniture and return it without question. This level of customer service is amazing and well approved by people in India.

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1- Olacabs

Top 10 startup companies in India

They might be clone of Uber but good copy means a lot these days. Olacabs is a cab hailing system specially made and tailored for India. This company had an amazing analysis over Indian market and came up with some great ideas to make it work better in this wonderland. They have introduced car levels for different prices and people are more happy to know what type of ride will appear on their doorstep to pick them up in advance.

They are so successful that not only made their way in the number one position in our list for Top 10 startup companies in India but has a 2 digit position among all the startups in the whole world.

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So in the end as always, if you have any name you think can make it to this list then please live us a comment down below.

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