Pierre Omidyar, father of modern E-commerce

Pierre Omidyar, father of modern E-commerce

We all know the name eBay and we all know that there is tons of E-commerce websites all over the net today but it all started from the brilliant mind of a guy named Pierre Omidyar. He is founder of eBay and today we will take a look at his life and the path he took to revolutionize electronic commerce forever.

A man with eastern roots

Pierre Omidyar born on 1967 in a Persian family. His parents were students in France and they named him Parviz which is a well-known Persian name but he decided to change it to what we know today and we will call him Pierre Omidyar. When he was just a child, his family moved to USA because of his father and that was a key point in his life that changed his attention toward computer.

He eventually ended up studying in University of California and started his professional life in United States of America. He had a bachelor degree in computer science and it was obvious that he will work in computer industry but no one expected him to riot against the system and make his new approach on the net.

Small works on big companies

He worked on companies such as Apple and Claris as a computer engineer and there he was able to make his first attempt for startup and founded a company named Ink Development. This company was a pen-based computing startup and eventually morphed into a higher existence and became foundation for Omidyar’s success.

Late better than never

As the matter of fact, Omidyar started eBay way longer than the average age that most Startup owners make their impact but they say that late is better than never and he started eBay on 1995 when he was close to 40.

Richard Branson, definition of the word boss

His first idea was built on his own domain and it was a simple auction system that worked well as a prototype for what later became eBay. This website changed the way we interacted with net and turned into a huge success. Now a day’s Pierre Omidyar is one of the richest people in the world and his net worth is more than 10 billion US dollars.

He founded multiple companies such as First Look Media, Honolulu Civil Beat,‌ Omidyar Network and Ulupono Initiative and was fairly successful in all of them so it means that this guy is a huge beast in startup world that you can follow as a role model.

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