Get the attention you deserve

Get the attention you deserve

There are time in startup life that you forget about the importance of social aspect of business but here are harder times when you know its impotence but your name is not well-known out there. So in this article we have decided to show you some ways on getting the attention you deserve in order to bloom your business in the best direction. So here we go and let’s not forget that you can add some of your points to this list in the comment section below.

Use free or low cost tools

There is no need to invest on hiring a professional to manage your name and the way it is known to others. Instead of that, you can use some free tools to get your work done. There are some free tools and some low cost ones and you can use them to get from 0 to somewhere between 60-70.


Work in a social way. Sponsor for local events. Participate in them and then you will have your name getting more and more known without huge cost of traditional ways and approaches. Even if you can’t sponsor then participate. Use your logo and banner wisely and then people will know about you existence. This approach should be regularly continued in order to see the effects you desire. So don’t do it once and get disappointed immediately by the first results.

Get close to people with high influence

Well if they know them then they will ask who is right next to him/her. This is a very old and effective way of the getting attention. You have to identify influencers and connect yourself to them somehow and this will lead to some extra attention toward your startup.

It’s fairly simple in the words but it is hard to make it happen in the real world so do your homework and study on this approach to learn more about it.

Pay for advertisement

There are two ways to use advertisement to get the attention you deserve and they are modern and traditional ads. Traditional ways includes TV, Newspaper, media, billboards and etc but modern way includes smart use of web and expert views on advertisement. Both of them are costly but they actually work. They may not be your first choice but you should consider them in order to get the attention you deserve as a startup.

As I have mentioned earlier, let us know about other ways of doing this task that you may know about them.

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