Marc Nager, modern hero of startup era

Marc Nager

Marc Nager is a well-known entrepreneur and a great business man. He is the founder of Up global and Startup Weekend. One of the most amazing things about him is that even thou he had an amazing run of income with his company, he decided to give all up and make an NGO out of a tech this article we will take a look at his life and his path on becoming one of the best examples of entrepreneur.

Early life

Marc Nager started his life as a normal person. He was a young boy in California who was in love with football at college time and spent a lot of time with his friends, so nothing too special was there to tell but his life was something like a gem waiting for its turn to get polished.

After his studies he started his career on 2008. He settled in Seattle and started his business with help of two great people who turned into his lifelong partners. One of them married Nagar and the other one helped him out with his dreams in business world as co-founder.

Making his mark on tech industry

He started Startup Weekend startup with these two people and then did the most unimaginable thing:  turned his crown jewel into a nonprofit organization. Startup weekend is a 3 day event where talents and people who love business and startups, gather around to exchange knowledge and get too know startup world better. Being CEO of such important regular event system is no easy task but Marc Nager passed this test with flying colors.

After that he ended up becoming CEO of yet another great NGO. Up Global was something new back then and thanks to efforts from Marc Nager and his team, multiple young talents was able to find their way into the world of startups. Actually being CEO of an NGO can be extremely hard because you can’t control everything by yourself and you have to answer to many other people but Marc Nager decided to go for the harder path.

After that he decided that it is time to lay low a little bit. He joined Techstars as Chief community officer but didn’t last long there. After two moths he joined Telluride Venture Accelerator as Managing director and VP innovation. He is still there and tries to make the world better.

We all know that money is extremely tempting but people like Marc Nager proved to us that we can get enough money by helping the others. He is a great example for all young entrepreneurs and a new age hero for all startup lovers.


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