Get office services for free with open office

Get office services for free with open office

Today we want to talk about something fairly simple and a more known tool but you should know that simplicity is sometime means that you can work easier. So enough talk and let’s go for what we want to talk about it here today.

All of us are using or used Microsoft office in our life and these set of software can help us doing a lot of stuff easier. But there is a catch, if you ever want to work with these set of software, you have to pay a lot of money to buy the license and these kind of expenditure is a heavy Burden especially for new and rising startup teams but there is another way of doing this for free: use open office.

What is open office?

Open office is a software package contain some useful applications. This package has a very solid text editor, a spread sheet editor and a lot more, so here we go with the full list here:

Writer: a great text editor tool.

Calc: spreadsheet tool.

Impress: multimedia presentation tool.

Draw: a tool to make simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations.

Base: data base management system.

Math: graphical tool for mathematical equations.

Why shall we use open office?

It’s very simple; you can use this tool as a free tool because it Is an open source project. But that not all, you can use open office on a huge variety of platforms. We have multiple version of this software package that run on different Operating system. Here is the list of all platforms which you can use open office and install it on them.

  • Microsoft windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Android
  • iOS
  • windows phone
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So if you want to work easy with minimum financial Burden on your pocket then go for this tool. Even if you want, you can use it for your personal use and home use as well. It’s extremely useful, simple to use, fast, light and this is exactly what any person needs.

There are some shortcomings on open office but they are not that much compare to what it has to offer so ignore it. Go on and install open office and work with it, if you didn’t like it then there is no harm in uninstalling it so spend some time and explore the vast world of this free office tool.

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