How to control overuse of telephone within company

overuse of telephone

Telephone is a great invention but it’s extremely easy to misuse this great tool. One of the biggest problems we have in startup environments is overuse of telephone and in this short article we will try to show you some tips which may help you control this phenomenon.

Make physical meeting instead of phone calls

Phone calls can easily go toward unexpected directions. If you want to tell something to an employee then go to his desk or ask him to come to yours instead of calling him. This way you will learn that you don’t have to rely on phone only. It has another hidden benefit ad you can use your body language in order to make your team understand you better, a tool that you can’t use on the phone this will directly reduce overuse of telephone in your team so lead as an example for this approach and your team will eventually follow you and copy what you are doing.

Create internal feedback to avoid gossip led overuse of telephone

Motivate people to work instead of talking, this will help you in many ways. One of the most disgusting ways that some employees may use your telephone network is gossiping. When you don’t pay enough attention to your people then gossips will start to get shape.

If you have a feedback system then what they what to release on the phone will go on paper and you can rectify what is wrong. So go on and create feedbacks in your team, and one more thing, don’t just collect feedbacks, read them, pay attention to them and try to help your employees.

Create professional call manager

If you record and scan your teams talking then they will definitely reduce their overuse of telephone but don’t make them feel like they are under direct scan. This may cause a blow to trust in our team so what you can do is create a professional call manager or even a team. This is not a good idea for small scale startups but if you have grown into mid-level then you can use the benefits of having this position in your team.

A call manager will handle incoming and outgoing calls in your team and channels them to the right people. Then people will know someone is onto them when they make a call without feeling that they are being controlled.

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