startup Canada and new efforts in empowering female startup folks

startup Canada

It seems that people on North America want to empower startup for female gender as much as for male ones and in the latest efforts in this direction, Startup Canada launches 2018 investment fund for female entrepreneurs this week.

This startup made the news all over the internet and that’s because they are helping woman led companies to find their ground and have a chance to rise and shine. This new direction starts with STEM level of founders. STEM is short version of Science Technology, Engineering and Math and they are willing to help businesswomen who are working in these type of startups.

What they do?

This new approach will help startup owners (female ones) to find access to fund, business partners and agile development tools and methods. This will help STEM startups to grow faster than before in Canada which is not famous for its startup efforts but indeed is a well-known nation for women rights.

CEO of startup Canada who is a woman herself, expressed current situation like this: “Although women in Canada now represent 47 per cent of Canadian business owners and contribute $148 billion in economic activity, they continuously face barriers to accessing capital to start and scale their businesses. This gap is particularly exposed when looking at female entrepreneurs in STEM fields.”

Now using this new approach and help of startup Canada, businesswomen can get professional support and fund to establish their ideas and make it work for them and the world as well. But there is a catch, if you want to gain their support then you have to meet some certain criteria.

First of all they must be female entrepreneurs and then they have to be based in Canada. After that they have to operate in STEM sector and if they have all these then they can use Startup Canada support at the highest rate. If you want to apply for this special chance then you have a chance to go for it until the end of august.

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