Be your own testing god with omniconvert

Be your own testing god with omniconvert

 Startups are about services and products and these things always need to be on top of their game before going to full scale release. In order to achieve such thing, companies are usually using testing and there are multiple tools that can help you to do so in a startup world so today we will give you a small presentation about a great testing tool named omniconvert.

What is omniconvert?

Omniconvert is a platform that can give you some specific services in order to gain an advantage in the market using your product only. If you want to know exactly what this tool does then we have to say that it’s services can be categorized in 5 main segments.


Survey is a great way to know what people like about you and what they don’t so if you go for survey then you will be able to fortify yourself against all odds and give better services to your customers. Omniconvert will give you a chance to run 4 types of survey. You can perform your surveys based on click, load, on scroll and on exit so basically you can cover all types of audience based on your needs. It will help you to design questions and will guide you on geographical level to reach your desired customers.

Alpha/Beta testing

Testing your system before release is a must but having right people to test your products is something that you will find difficult especially at early stage of your startup life. So Omniconvert will give you technical help you need in order to make these tests happen so go on and make the things easier by using A/B testing services of Omniconvert.


There is a saying that states being relevant is equal to being profitable. In order to be relevant to your customers, you should give them what they want and personalizing your website for different people is one way to do so.


If you want to give the message to your customers then you should give them the right message and to the right people. Overlay part of Omniconvert will help you achieve this task and it makes it easy and fun as well.

Advance segmentation engine

You can divide your audience based on more than 40 different segments in Omniconvert and this is going to be extremely useful for you. You can use segments such ad Geo location, traffic source, behavior, used tech and etc.

If you want to know more about Omniconvert then go to their website and use their free trial to go in depth and test what they have to offer to you.

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