A startup named Akonia Holographics is Latest member of apple family

A startup named Akonia Holographics is Latest member of apple family

Apple wants to join Artificial intelligence and this is no secret to anyone but they have decided to make things easier by acquiring an AI startup named Akonia Holographics.

This startup is working in a new tech. they have4 developed a new technology that can display full-color image on a wide-viewing style. You may say that this is not anything new but you should know that it will bring this image on a very thin piece of glass which can be transparent.

If you want an example then think about subjects such as contact lenses, glasses, mobile or computer screens and etc. this company describes their work like this:  “world’s first commercially available volume holographic reflective and waveguide optics for transparent display elements in smart glasses.”

Tim cook looks excited on this purchase because he believes that Akonia Holographics can help Apple to get into new markets that can bring them profit and value. He expresses this excitement like this: “This is one of those huge things that we’ll look back at and marvel on the start of it.”

Apple is fairly new in the AR market and startups such as Akonia Holographics have the potential to make them a giant in this field of work as well. This means that apple and Akonia Holographics will both be winners in this deal and the third part of winning trio are customers themselves.

Soon they will start implementing ideas from this startup in their very first AR platform and we can count on seeing this new tech on apple’s AR system which will release the next year. Apple has an amazing record on acquiring new and rising startups and this startup may become extremely big in future under the guidance of apple team. So stay tune for more news from this legendary acquirement that can change apple as we know it today.


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