Being bold or being rude, know your language before negotiation

Being bold or being rude, know your language before negotiation

Negotiation is an art and there are many people who know how to do it but there are multiple approaches that you may not know how to pick among them. One the most known methods is going out bold and skip causalities and jump straight to the point. But there is a catch, there is a fine line between being rude and being bold and today we will focus on this part of negotiation in this article.

Be firm yet flexible

If you want to be bold then don’t mistake it with being rude. Flexibility in your negotiation is something that you must have. Be firm and go to one direction in your approach by ready to modify the way based on your opponent’s mood. You can throw some punches and realize what others in the room like and dislike about you.

Avoid sudden change of mood and instead of that go for a smooth curve toward change as it will work much better for you. In all possible conditions, do not use rude words and try to be polite all the time. You can say something extremely firm and yet remain polite. For example if you want to show them that they need your product then if you go on and say “you need us” then there is a high chance of getting rejected. Instead of that go for sentences like this: “we have analyzed your business and based on what we have to offer, we can assure you that you will get extra benefits in the market by using our product or service.”

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Study before hand

Know who you are talking to before talking to them. Some CEO’s are not patient because they don’t have time, so go straight to the point. There are others who need preparation and you should build your presentation based on a curve and increase the knowledge delivered by passage of time. Other type of people in negotiation are the ones who want to challenge you by asking too many questions and you have to answer all of them politely but in a way that proves your power in this topic.

So read about them, ask people who have met them or in the worst case if you couldn’t find anything about these people then get ready for all scenarios and go in the meeting room. After a couple of minutes you will know which scenario is the right one for these people and don’t forget to Use body language. We will come back to you by more hints soon and until that time, please share your own experiences and hints in this regard in the comment section below.

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