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business productivity

Business productivity is not something you can achieve with ease but there are cases that can affect this hard-earned trait for business owners. when you are a startup owner then business productivity can be more tricky for you and if you have kids waiting for you at home then you have the recipe for disaster so we are here with some tips for such people and in this article, we will give you some hints and insights on how to keep your business productivity even when you have kids at home to make it hard for you.

Leave your family brain outside the office door

we all love our families and a part of our brain is constantly occupied by them, I will call this part of the brain, family brain from now on to simplify the text a little bit. the very first thing you can do to improve your business productivity is to split your mind and your thinking pattern into two different categories. you can’t think about your kids while you are working and you can’t think about work when you spend time with your kids.

If you do this then you will lose both sides because you can’t focus on the thing which matters the most at the moment. so Whenever you step into your office, put your family brain outside and enter only with work in your mind.

It is obvious that you can get free times during your workload and call home and check your kids but after the call, you have to get your focus back at work. this is simple and you should know that you can manage it only by training your mind. If your mind is not ready then you can create more of a mess and hence you should train yourself to learn this because it can affect all of your life in a positive way. This is one of the most important steps in your journey toward boosting your business productivity.

Leave your work out of your workspace

This is another simple thing when you have already mastered the first point because it is exactly opposite of the previous point. If you have an office at home and you wor there sometimes then that office is your work place as well but the other parts of your home is your home, not your office, not your meeting hall, not your business place but only your home. You are not the only one living there and whenever you are home, even if the amount is small but still you can not make them live your job.

Leave your work at your home office, Office or anywhere related to work and whenever you are home, spend the time with people who have made that house a home for you. play with your child and teach them that the time for them is their own time and this will show them that the time at work is the time they should not bother you.

A combination between this point and the previous one is a golden combination for people who want to increase their business productivity so if you want to make it then you should learn this and don’t break the cycle because it has a snowball effect that may ruin all you have tried for in no time, so stick to the diet and work at work and live at home.

Plan family gatherings for your team

One of the best ways you can merge work and family life is gatherings on the company level. We have, bring your dog to work, bring your kids to work and all types of these bring something or someone to work days in many companies and you can use them to improve your business productivity.

You can arrange monthly (or any other time span you may prefer) to conduct a party for families. If your team members know each other families then they can understand their own struggles a lot better and then they can handle the workplace things a lot easier when it comes to the human side of the work.

On the other hand, your family members will see who you are working with and all of the other people have their own families too so they won’t mislead to believe in thinking that only you spend fewer amount of time with your family. when they see that everyone has a family and they spend the same amount of time that you are spending then you can rest assured that they will take it easier from that moment onward.

Remember that there is no reason that you should conduct these gatherings in any specific place. You can g to the amusement park, a restaurant or any place you feel that is right for your team but don’t make it a financial burden on your business or your team members because people may find it hard to control the expenses in front of other families and this may lead to uncomfortable situation and give you the exact opposite result and reduces business productivity. And finally, we can say that you have spent time with your family while improving your team spirit and managed to have casual chats about the work project with your team members.

Use your day off to switch off from work

When you have a day off, Use it to spend time with your family and never try to work in your days off. If you want to work in these days then go to work. Your business productivity may seem to be not related to this one but it is. When your kids and your family gets angry, disappointed or feel ignored then they can make your home a very uncomfortable place for you and when you can not rest well then you can not focus on your work and this is a direct reason behind lack of business productivity.

So in a simple word, use your days off to get rest, enjoy family time, play with kids, and everything except working and when it comes to work, you can traverse in the opposite direction.

Get all the help you can get

So our final point and lead toward better business productivity is getting help. it can be at work or in family level. In work level, you can get help from your teammates if you have any trouble at home and when they cover for you, you can go and solve that problem for your family. It will be a win-win game for all sides but whenever you are done with the family, you should make it up to people who have helped you.

On the family side of this point, you can get help from family and your friends. They can spend time with your family, especially with your kids when you are in deep workload at your office. So if you get help, you can increase your level of business productivity but never forget that you have to repay the favour in time and it can not remain a one-way road forever so get ready for that too.

So do you think any other pint can help you with this funny problem and affect your business productivity in a positive way? If you know any other trick then let us know about it and share it with us and with other readers at startupik. On the other hand, we are willing to provide you with the things you need and you want so if you want any specific type of content or you have a suggestion, feedback or even criticism, please leave a comment down below and let us know so we can make it right and provide you with the right content better than ever.


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