Million Short is a brilliant new Search engine startup

Million Short

Million Short is an uprising startup which tries to revolutionize search engine world an cover any searching hole left by likes of google.

Need for a new search engine

Web search is an essential part of our daily life, but on the other hand, privacy concerns are at their peak. This leads to a mistrust between people and web because many believe that searches will be censored based on some countries policies.

In this situation, a new startup starts to shine, this startup called Million Short, is a search engine startup with unique features. This startup is an innovative modern search engine which took a different approach to search, access and organizing content on web.

What Million Short does

Million Short started on 2012 in Toronto but couldn’t made an impact until recent false news scandals for giants like Facebook and google started to surface. Million Short provides search results which even google ignores and this transparency is the main key of their success now.

Million Short

Most of search engines will focus on most popular first approach while Million Short will ignore these popular well sponsored websites and gives the chance to rising stars of the web. Their founder named Sanjay Arora had a vision of a free web where more money wouldn’t pop you above the others. A web where all new startups will have to use their knowledge and ideas and they don’t need to get sponsors to get a chance to shine.

Where to find them

Right now this startup have a chance to prove its founders dream right. And you can access them on and filter the result as you desire.

You can search for a keyword and then you will get tons of options to modify your search and filter unwanted results on the left hand side of the page.

It’s a simple checkbox system and there is not much to misinterpret there so go on and give it a try to have a fresh air in our current populated world wide web.

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