10 must have free tools for startups

10 must have free tools for startups

There is an old saying which says don’t work hard, work smart. This line is the main motivation for this article. There are tons of tools available for startups but some of them are way too expensive and here we will give you a list of 10 tools which will cost you 0. So let jump right into it.

Startup Stash

In any startup, there is a starting point where you need to manage your team directories. If you are a newcomer then doing this right will help you to save a big deal of time and energy in the future. Startup stash is a free tool and more accurately, a curated directory of tools and directories which can help you build your startup.


When it comes to agreements, legal operations are hard to manage and here is the place where Shake starts to shine. This  type of free tools will help you create, manage and avoid struggles of making legal agreements by doing it for you in an instant.

The Name App

In today’s world, finding a good name which is not registered yet might be hard for some people. The Name App is a tool which exactly useful for this task. It’s a name generator for domains, social media profiles and etc.

Pablo by Buffer

Managing social media is essential for startups, but making viewer engaged with our posts is even harder. A good way to do such task is using photo contents. Pablo by Buffer will help you to design engaging photos for your social media and guess what, it’s free.

Awesome Screenshot

By looking into the name of Awesome Screenshot you might have guessed what it does. This tool will help you get screenshots of different content with ease. This tool can save a huge amount of your time.

Content Idea Generator

The names says all about this tool. It’s actually hard to explain what this tool does because it will help you with your creativity. You may have a huge amount of content ideas after only couple of hours of using this  kind of free tools.

Stock Snap.io

If you want a trouble free startup, then you should avoid searching photos in search engines such as google because you might face huge copyright troubles. Stock Snap.io is full of free stock photos which are high quality and free of copy right. so this is one of the most useful free tools you can get.

Type Form

This tool will help you generate surveys, forms and etc. using Type Form you can save a big deal of time and effort by using simple wizard type approach in making forms.


Designing can be hard but Freebbble can fill this hole in your startup (until you have a proper designer of course.) this tools is a collection of more than thousand free design template which you can use, edit and perform on different platforms.


Due is a project management tool. This free tool will help you manage your project timing. It can help you create things such as invoice template for different regions. There are payment control systems in Due as well which will send reminders to you in time so you won’t miss any deadline.


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