Affordable marketing strategies for all startups

Affordable marketing strategies for all startups


Being able to offer a great product is indeed a huge part of startup concept, but this product should somehow reach the customers and gain their attention. That why we need marketing strategies and tools in our startup guidelines.

Many of marketing tolls are very expensive and this cost appears as a road block for many newborn startup businesses. But in this article we will show you some affordable strategies which you can use them to launch your marketing campaign. These marketing strategies are not free of cost but they are extremely cost effective.

Depend on your own capabilities

This strategy is also known as do it yourself. Competition is at its peak these days. We see the rise of more than 6.5 million new businesses every year and some of them have really good financial resources. So what can we do with our limited resources? Its quiet simple, you should concentrate on your own power. Try to put a lot of effort on public relation. To do this, stablish a good relation with media people but don’t aim for high level at the beginning.

Start with bloggers and individual journalists. They can help you launch your campaign with minimum financial burden. Just try to make some content exclusive for some of these people and you will see how thing will start to roll in your favor.

Smart use of content marketing

Content Marketing is a very well-known strategy but not all who work on this strategy will taste success at the end of the day, the reason is simple: execution. To perform a great Content Marketing, you should have enough documentation, lack of this core concept will lead to failure in your Content Marketing execution.

But if you do your Content Marketing right, it is a great strategy to use when you have limited resources. In today’s world, more than 90% of all brands are using this strategy but only a few percent are doing it right and those people are winners.

Try to have a calendar on your own side and identify all of pros and cons of your planning. After that try to review the content and how well it got accepted with your audience. Then you can use all this knowledge to make your next step, better and stronger than before. Content marketing have the potential to be one of the best marketing strategies if you do it right.

Use affiliate marketing

This type of marketing strategies will bring minimum cost for you and your team. You should consider the fact that regardless of business size, anyone can use affiliate marketing as a simple yet effective strategy for marketing.

You should make people to recommend your products to others and doing this willingly. To do such thing, you can use referral approach. This approach will let people do the marketing for you and get a commission based on each purchase made out of referral.

You can use your own website, referral codes, Emails and … to perform this marketing strategy. Believe me, you will lose some fraction of your inflow by giving commission but you will gain a lot more customers at the end of the day.

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