MedVR is startup for Virtual health and 3D scan


A new startup called MedVR has created new means to scan human body and diagnose people illnesses and problems using a 3 dimensional output system.

Sometimes startups start small but sometime they start so big that almost everyone will be surprised by their actions. MedVR is a good example for the second case. This startup is not a newcomer but their new project is an amazing thing that can revolutionize scanning and diagnosing systems in medical industry.

what is MedVR ?

MedVR is a Virtual reality system that can take different type of imaging systems and turn them into full scale #d view projects. You can Use MedVR project on CT scan, MRI scan and even PET scan. Then after taking the image, doctor will be able to see the things in full 3D virtual environment.

Using this system, even the patient will be able to see anomalies inside their body and identify the exact location of it there. One of the great advantages of this system is that it is a cloud based system so doctors can share the data on air and in an instant, multiple professionals may see the result and give them feedbacks.

MedVR is a system for all healthcare professionals and in can make a huge change in diagnosing problems with pinpoint accuracy.    This may lead to easier and more accurate surgeries and improve success rate in operation rooms.

The other use of MedVR is teaching medical students. They can interact with different situations in Virtual reality mode while no one’s life is at stake. So technically we can say that this system will make the whole world a better place. This system is using a simple hardware system and it’s easy to deploy in different environments. If you want more information on their product then you can refer to their website or simple click here to go there.

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