Edge, A revolutionary startup with a new approach to cryptocurrency security

cryptocurrency security

Edge is a name that you will hear more often soon.  This startup might be a small name at the moment but their approach puts them in the glory path. Their CEO is Paul Puey and using his leading power, edge was able to make a cutting edge approach in cyber security and cryptocurrency security and make history.

This startup is active in developing software and tools and even systems in order to keep information secure in a higher level than usual security systems. They use a network instead of working in a centralized location and this gave them a huge power to keep data safe in today’s unsafe web.

Now days, cryptocurrency security is a huge trend in web and Edge has a smart solution to keep your digital currency secure and safe. They have product called Bitcoin Wallet and this product is designed to make using bitcoin easy. This can be achieved using special security measures in Edge Security platform.

Now after less than 2 years, edge was able to protect millions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin in the web. Their approach and revolutionary way is proven effective in the field and hence their customer base is increasing on daily basis.

Secret behind Edge success

They use blockchain encryption in a whole new way. Edge platform does this blockchain encryption on the client side and this leads to avoiding a lots of troubles. For example using this technique you won’t face large scale data breach and cryptocurrency security meltdown anymore.

Another advantage of Edge is their simplicity. There is no need for expert knowledge to use Edge on cryptocurrency control process and this leads to increment of their success. Paul Puey believes that his blockchain encryption method is not only useful for cryptocurrency security but it is a great tool for anyone who wants to secure his data assets.

He describes edge as a security system at the edge of network which acts as a shield on your own base. He thinks that bit coin will be a lot bigger case in 2018 and hence security for this popular cryptocurrency will have a higher demand than before.

A bright future

Edge has a 3-5 years plan. Puey describes this plan as a way to use centralized a new gateway that uses bitcoin as the center of transactions all around the world. This leads to a point where apps will play a significant role in online presence. Each app requires security in order to control their digital funds and here is where Edge will bloom.

Facebook and google are using a single sign-in which will lead to a huge centralized set of services and Edge will use the same concept in the world of apps to keep them secure but with a major difference, Edge will provide a decentralized security model hat google and Facebook are unable to provide.

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