Facebook and a Meme world called LOL


Facebook is going to take yet another step toward the future of social network and this time they want to go for a new approach that may attract teenagers more than ever. The latest action from this social media giant is a system solely focused on Memes and hence this new system called LOL, seems promising.

What is LOL?

This new trend from facebook maybe a totally new social media platform and Facebook have been busy working on it in the shadows for the last couple of months. this makes total sense because they don’t want their rivals to get ahead of them and this means that working secretively was the best option.
This system or platform or software (or anything you want to call it because it is not specifically defined for now) is focused on the Meme and jokes. A meme is a type of visual joke which is extremely popular in the world and facebook itself was one of the main reasons that we have this huge wave of memes in every single internet-based community today.

Why Memes?

The most important part of any social media audience is teenager people and most of these young people are using Memes like breathing air. they spend a huge amount of their life working on searching, finding and even creating new Memes. So it makes perfect sense that facebook goes for these people who have time, money and interest in new trends.

This can make the LOL a great success for Facebook. This company will have the advantage of being the first and that’s why they can get these teenagers and turn them into tangible assets for their new system.

On the other hand, this LOL system can help new startups to start creating new services based on its activity and this is a piece of good news for startup communities. If LOL sees the light of the day, we will definitely witness a wave of rising startups working on Meme related topics and that may lead to a new era for social media platforms all around the world.

So what do you think about LOL and its future? do you think that we will see a lot of startups emerge from effects of this new system? share what you think with us and the other readers of the startupik community. On the other hand and as always we have to remind you that we accept feedbacks and suggestions with open arms so let us know about them by leaving a comment down below.

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