A simple startup called bird has almost changed the world


Scooters were there since a long time ago and many people have lots of fund memories from their childhood while they raced their friends using one. But it seems that new approach toward scooters is an amazing one and a startup called bird, made electric scooters a popular phenomenon again.

This startup already made 150 million US dollars fund and it seems that they are on the path of glory.  Bird is a dockless scooter and works on electric charge. Their base is in Los Angeles and right now their net worth is estimated around a billion Dollars.

Right now they call Billion dollar companies, Unicorns and hens its air to say that this bird is dreaming about being a unicorn which is ironically funny and true at the same time. First series of bird products started to roll out in LA streets in last September and soon after they became a thing in the western side of the city.

Founder of bird is Travis Vander Zanden which is a well-known face in startup world. He was chief operation officer in Lyft and Vice president of growth in Uber so he exactly knows what the market needs.

Bird has plans to distribute their services to 50 cities by 2018 and this may lead to an amazing growth ahead of them and they might be a huge giant by the end of the year. But their road is not that smooth either, they faced multiple legal suits and as an example we can refer to incident on December which city of Santa Monica filed a criminal case against them. This case was about prorating without permission and bird had to pay around 300,000 USD fine to the authorities of that city. But it seems that the race for dockless scooters is on and they are in lead now.

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