Evan Thomas Spiegel, founder of snapchat


Evan Thomas Spiegel is a well-known name in modern era of social networks. He is the founder of snapchat and one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the whole world.

He started one of the most successful social networks in the history by focusing on specific audience instead of common crowd and this alone shows his analytic view of modern world.

From a Lawyer family to It industry

Both his father and mother are lawyers and they raised him in Los Angeles until he joined Otis College of arts and design. He was deep into art but then he decided to join Stanford University to change his career path into what we know today.

In his study time, he was not just a student, he started to take internship and work with companies such as red bull. This helped him to work on more than one dimension of his personal career and got a huge impact on his future. He started his designing classes when he was only a school student and when he was a college student, he was an instructor as well. But all this didn’t made him finish his college and he finally left Stanford on 2012 to focus on his big project.

Here comes snapchat

Snapchat was the main reason Evan Thomas Spiegel left Stanford. He met bobby murphy in Stanford and murphy polished his base idea for snapchat. Together they made the very first snapchat mobile app and they had a third colleague called Reggie brown.

Now days Evan Thomas Spiegel and Murphy have the main power in snapchat and turned it into a social media giant. But at the same time they focused on charity as well as financial success. In 2017 they announced that they have given 13 million Class A shares of snapchat to charity. These shares will be used for Youth non-profit organization for fields such as art, and education.

Dawn side of a great idea

Evan Thomas Spiegel is not all glory and greatness, he had multiple downsides which the most infamous among them is his quote on snap chat in which he called this social media only for the rich people. His words brought him a huge back lash. He said that he don’t want snapchat to grow in poor countries such as India  and hence enraged more than 1.3 billion people with only one line.

He later on tried to correct his mistake and said that snap chat is for everyone and that’s why it is available for free. Even thou he has some problems with his attitude and temper but his idea and design brilliance is not something to be ignored. At the moment he spends his time with his family more than ever. He is one of the top 5000 richest people in the world and who could imagine the same if he decided to finish his degree at Stanford instead of founding snapchat.

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