How can we handle different people with different approach toward a project?

How can we handle different people with different approach to a project?

There are tons of people all around the world who can communicate and work with you but there are some that you feel like it’s almost impossible for you to communicate and work with them. In this case we have to say to you that as we have already said, it’s almost impossible and you don’t use the right approach to work with them. Today we will give you some hints and information about people with different attitude to work with them because Different people, different approach toward project is an absolute fact you should always remember.

Document type

These types of people will get the most of what you want to say based on documents. No matter how hard you try to approach them, they will not react as good as document to anything else and that’s why you should be ready to work with them in the way that benefits your team.

You should prepare reports on almost everything if you want to work with these guys and obviously you should get ready to read a lot of reports and documents that they will provide.

Talking type

These people are exact opposite of the first group. They want to talk their way out of any situation. They want to explain and they can put things into verbal communication extremely well but when it comes to documentation, they can make impact on the project.

To work with these people you should be a great listener and spend time with them. On the other hand you should talk to them a lot an explain things to them in words and try to avoid documentation if possible.

People with sudden actions

These people don’t care about what you say, what document you have sent to them or what plan you may have, they set their mind on the spot and this is a big trouble. Working with them is almost the hardest task you can expect from yourself. The right approach to work with these people is simple, you should make them commit to something and this commitment can lead to smoother acceptance of procedure for them. They will try to think beforehand if they have a commitment and sudden decisions will be followed by second thought for them.

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These people don’t get any decisions on the spot, they have planned before and almost set their mind on the result and that’s why they are easy to work with. They may take a little bit time to get to results but in the end usually you won’t see any rash or emotional judgment from them.

Meeting freak

These types of people can make your startup a living hell. They expect meeting for every simple thing and they usually have governmental job background because it requires such meeting. The right approach to work with them is the same as making an addict, quit drugs, if you force them all of the sudden then they won’t accept this approach. Instead you should try to reduce the amount of meetings as time passes. First reduce the time of each meeting then go for frequency reduction and soon after he/she will get used to this new approach.

A good team needs all mentioned type of people and you should use all their merits for your projects so don’t delete a specific type from your people and try to make yourself a better and more flexible leader instead.

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