Google’s Adopt, a huge programme for Irish startups

Google’s Adopt, a huge programme for Irish startups

Google is one of big players of modern era. They have a huge impact on almost everything today so if they give you a chance to know their world and even become a part of this giant then you are lucky. Well that’s the luck Irish startups just got last week in Google’s Adopt.

Google had a Startup programme called Google’s Adopt. This programme was open for applications from Startups in Ireland last week and many startups joined google in their lectures and workshops. But there were a limitation to the number of companies which could enjoy this huge chance and hence, google had to select only 30 of them. This selection process will take a long time and they still continue their selection analysis for this programme even as we talk about it right now. The results will be announces on March 12th and then the main event will take place.

Google’s Adopt will continue for 12 weeks and Startups can enjoy mentoring and lectures from google employees for almost 3 months. Doing so they will gain knowledge and insights about how they can place and grow their companies on a global scale.

At the end of this 3 month Google’s Adopt Programme, only 8 companies will be there as participants to get a chance of winning 10 thousand Dollars prize from google.  The next seven team will be eligible to get total 20 thousand USD google cloud credit.

This is a huge chance for Irish startups to win something and learn something even greater. At the same time if they can prove themselves to google then we might even hear about some acquisitions sometime after Google’s Adopt as well.

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