Dave Sifry, founder of Technorati

Dave Sifry

Dave Sifry is a big name as an entrepreneur and a great mind in startup era. He is the founder of Technorati and was involved with multiple other projects as well. In this article we will look at highlights of his life and his career to see how turned from a developer into an entrepreneur.

Personal life

When Dave Sifry born on 1968, the world was a totally different place to live. He was raised in an era here computers were just like what we see as space trips and tourism today; but this didn’t stop him from showing interest in this amazing new world so he started learning. He learned how to code on commodore (which was a hot name back then) PET. This decision changed his life forever and after that he decided to move to Silicon Valley even though he was only a teen.

He spent his time in his dream land and after sometimes, started his study at John Hopkins University. After getting a degree in computer science, he joined Mitsubishi as his first job as an engineer, where the long and winding road to glory started for him.


Dave Sifry is funder of Technorati. This web site is an amazing type of search engine. Technorati is a professional search engine for Weblogs and you can search blog articles using this powerful engine.

Dave Sifry founded Technorati back in 2002 and then they ran into trouble a couple of years later. The infamous Edelman’s fake blog scandal was a huge blow for a newcomer such as Technorati back in 2006 because they teamed up a couple of months before this scandal. But Technorati was able to live on and a huge part of this was because of Dave Sifry.

He was the CEO of Technorati for 5 years and Sifry gave up his position to Richard Jalichandra but he was still a member of board until Synacor bought Technorati for 3 million dollars at 2016.

Life after Technorati

We can call Technorati as his most impressive achievement but list of his work as an entrepreneur won’t stop there.  He is cofounder of multiple other startups and business in his career. Sifry cofounded companies such as Offbeat Guides, Sputnik (not to be mistaken by a news agency with similar name) which was a Wi-Fi gateway company and last not least, Linux care.

He has won multiple awards in his life as an entrepreneur. He was a brilliant engineer as well and worked for companies such as Mozilla as a member of thunderbird project. He won 3 awards with Technorati back in 2006 and two of them were given to Dave Sifry in SXSW awards.

Dave Sifry lives with his wife named Noriko and they have two kids called Noah and Melody. Tight now he is working on Linux care more than any other project and has a huge impact on open world popularity these days. He is a great example of old-school entrepreneurs and worked on computer science since 1991 with a huge impact on this business so we can say that if you want to pick a role model, Dave Sifry might be a good one for you.

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