Common Founders mistakes that can ruin a startup

Founders mistakes

Many founders are not experienced in managing a company and this can make them nervous. They may act rash, harsh and out of boundaries sometime which is a great risk and may lead to downfall of company. Here we want to discuss some of the most Common Founders mistakes that can ruin a startup future. So try to think about them and avoid them while working on your startup.

Insufficient Planning

Planning is one of the best ways to make your work done in startup world. You should know what you have to do and when you have to it. In the other hand you should know what each person can bring to your team and only having a team won’t guarantee the functionality. So plan on using all that you have and don’t waste your team and your own talent without planning.

Anything but going all-out

You are the founder so you have to spend your life in your startup. If you go half way then you may lose easily. Another misconception here is that all your team should go all out as well, they are not bonded to do so especially when you are not all-out yourself. This Founders mistakes is extremely common and you should avoid it.

Waiting for perfection

Sometimes you have to release the product and rectify imperfections on the way. Waiting for perfection may lead to time waste and make your idea fly to others hand, others who act fast. Don’t wait until everything is perfectly set. Go on and make it happen and build the rest on the run.

Greedy or sloppy pricing

This Founders mistakes is a simple point. Pricing is the key to gain customers. If you ask too much then they will run and if you ask an extremely low price then you can’t move forward.

Fear of failure

They say that dear is father of death and fear of failure can lead to death in startups. Don’t be afraid and don’t be reckless as well but go on steady pace without fear. Fear will make you crumble all the way and reduces your speed in a way that may cause irreversible damages.


Don’t overestimate yourself. Just because you love an idea or you think that you want something to be in a specific way, it doesn’t mean that everyone else want it to. Try to listen to them and put your own desires outside of calculation. You are one person in billions of people and there is a higher chance facing people who think against your way rather than agreeing to you.

Acting like a lone wolf

You have to use others as a part of your team. One of the worst mistakes that you can do as a founder is trying to do everything by yourself. If you do so then later you will accuse others for any small problem. Startup is all about team work so don’t be a lone wolf.

Do you know any other Founders mistakes that might be fateful? Leave a comment down below and let us know about it.

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