A startup called BioLife4D wants to 3D print a spare heart for you


Apparently there is a race for making a human heart with 3D printing technology and one of the aces of this race is a startup company called BioLife4D.

BioLife4D wants to use their 3D printing tech to scan and build a functional heart, or at least some parts of it.  Their CEO is Steven Morris and he is quiet optimist that BioLife4D can win this race. The whole idea is about making parts of human heart using 3D print and use them in heart surgeries to improve human health.

This startup belongs to Skokie region and they have a very talented team which most of them are graduate or former students of Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University and the Texas Heart Institute. All of these names are top notches in heart transplants and hence BioLife4D have a huge chance to win this race.

This company was able to use crowdfunding in a whole new level.  They gathered more than 50 million US dollars for their project using this approach and now they are on the way to make history. Morris mentions bill Gates and his famous quote: “the one thing he can’t buy is time and that’s what we are trying to give people: time.”

Their goal will have a huge impact on today’s world because for example only in USA, more than 4000 people are waiting in line for heart transplant and obviously there is a huge shortage of donors. So startups like BioLife4D may change these people’s life and make the world a better place.

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