Elon musk, a prophet in startup world

Elon musk

We all have heard about Elon Musk and to be honest, he is one of the most famous people around the globe today but this great entrepreneur started his life like many of us and took a rough road to reach where he is now. So today we want to give you a short story of his life and his career so far.

Sparkles of genius in a broken family

Elon Musk born in South Africa back in 1971, he has root in multiple countries such as Canada, South Africa, Deutschland, England and etc. his life started to get weird when his parents divorced and soon after, he became a heavy reader and a quick learner .these words were equal with a huge amount of hatred in other kids and hence he got bullied a lot.

This led him into a more personal life and may be this is the reason why he learned coding when he was around 10 and even developed a game and sold it for half thousand US Dollars. When he got 18, he felt like he needs to move on and got his Canadian nationality and got his master degree there. At the age of 24, musk moved to USA to get his PHD and later became a US citizen.

Start of a new era

Elon musk started his first adventure was Zip2. It was a software company that he founded with his brother back in 1995. They had 4 successful years and then Elon musk decided to go for his next move and started X.com in 1999. It was a financial service system which alters on grew into something much bigger and a well-known thing we know as PayPal today.

He continued his progress by going for SpaceX in 2001. One of favorite writers of musk’s childhood was Isaac Asimov and this interest led him into this new business which is one of the biggest companies in aerospace business today.

His other major project was Tesla. Tesla revolutionized the way we deal with electric cars and made some of the best electric cars in the history. Soon after he got the idea for autonomous cars and worked on AI to deal with this uprising trend.

Some of many other things he has done as an entrepreneur are companies such as SolarCity, Hyperloop transportation system, OpenAI, The Boring Company and a lot more. Now days he seems to have an idea on almost everything and he is a king in twitter as well so following him sounds like a good plan for all.

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