Qais Al Khonji, an entrepreneur prodigy from Middle East

Qais Al Khonji

Usually we see a lot of founders and entrepreneurs from west but it doesn’t mean we can’t find amazing people from east, we have already introduced you to some of eastern faces in startup world and today we will give and other great example of these people. Qais Al Khonji as his name suggests, is an Arab entrepreneur which had a great deal of positive effect on startup world. In this article we will take a look at his life and his path in the world of modern business.

Personal life

Qais Al Khonji born and raised in Muscat, Oman. His birth year is 1978 which means that he is yet to reach his 40’s. He had his childhood with his family but when he turned into a young man, his parents sent him abroad to study in wales. He finished his studies back at 1998 and got his degree in business from Atlantic college there. But it didn’t stop him from there and he got another degree from leister and Montfort University. After a while he has started his work and gained some experience in business

From Qais United to Genesis International

Things got interesting when he started to think about his own business and this led to Qais united in 2010. This company was a simple business system. They brought goods from china and sold them to normal people and individuals. But he didn’t stayed a this level for long.

Back In 2012 and after 2 years of working on Qais United, Qais Al Khonji started a new business called Genesis international.  This time his goal was IT solutions and he got a huge approach toward them. This company had the dream of smart cities which was a thing from the future back then (and it still is) and it made Qais Al Khonji into a well-known name in tech startup world.After that he became member of multiple government and nongovernment bodies and made himself available whenever Oman or even tech world needed him.  This made him Social entrepreneur of the year back in 2015 which is a prestigious award by any measures.

He is also one of the top 50 entrepreneurs of the whole world according to Forbs magazine. He has proven to all of us that we are going to make it into business, there is no need to rush things and we have to go for steady pace just like what Qais Al Khonji did.


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