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In this article we are going to give you a list of 5 project management tools for startups that can help your startup to work amazingly well and organized. You may see some familiar names in our list but trust us, all of these 5 tools are useful and trustworthy. So give them a try and they will help you to manage your team and project in a fast pace.


This startup tool is a simple yet effective task manager. You can use Quire and its features with minimum trouble because of its simple user interface. But font let this simple face fool you because when it comes to effectiveness then Quire is a beast.

You can create multiple tasks and subtasks with ease and since it has mobile app then you can use it on the go and you won’t miss even an hour of your precious time because you are away from your office and your team. You can input your ideas pretty fast in this tool and to do this you can upload photos, take quick snaps and put direct input and share it with your team.


Asana is another tool that will help you with your project management. This tool has a great integration functionality. If you are looking for a slick tool that fits all startups regardless of their size then Asana can be the Best project management tool for your startup.

It will allow you create boards and lists and if you used trello then you find Asana easy to use because they have a lot in common.


Trello is a great and simple project management tools for startups that you can use for free. You can create boards and lists and then you can add cards to each list and move the cards between the lists. Trello has iOS and android app and you can use it on your web browser as well.

Trello has millions of daily active users and since it is encrypted you can trust it with your project and team tasks. It is very user-friendly and easy to use so give it a go.


Smartsheet is visually straightforward and simple. That’s why it is one of the best project management tools for startups that you can find for your startup. You can learn how to work with Smartsheet within couple of days and after that it’s just simple execution.

You can think of Smartsheet as an advance version of your familiar tools such as Microsoft excel. This tool is collaborative work system and creates an environment so your team can work within this system easily.


This tool is not only about project management but it can help you with your CRM work too. So you can call it an all in one system for your startup. You can do a lot of things that can create problems when you want to handle them separately.

Zoho has an attractive design and its very user friendly so you and your team can learn how to work with it with minimum effort. Zoho can keep all of your Emails, contacts, projects and etc. so if you want to integrate all of your task within a reliable system then Zoho is the right tool for you.

List of best project management tools for startups

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