CONCIERGE KEY Health, startup of the year in 2018 American Business Awards

CONCIERGE KEY Health, startup of the year in 2018 American Business Awards

2018 American Business Awards has taken place as always in this year too and in all of different categories, an interesting on was startup of the year. This year we had a startup called CONCIERGE KEY Health wearing the crown of startups.

This event conducted on May 18 2018 and this startup which had an amazing effect on healthcare won the first prize in startup category. CONCIERGE KEY Health is a startup which focuses on transforming healthcare experience by offering access to doctors and specialists on demand.

This category of healthcare is something that mostly mange’s itself in traditional way and CONCIERGE KEY Health made a major shift in this old approach.  CONCIERGE KEY Health founder and CEO, Robert E.Grant was excited about this award and expressed it in this way: “It is a tremendous honor to receive this prestigious award by the American Business Awards. CONCIERGE KEY Health is transforming the status quo in a healthcare system that has become increasingly bureaucratic, impersonal and costly. Winning a Stevie is reflective of the need for a new model in healthcare that prioritizes the patient.”

CONCIERGE KEY Health was one of 3700 nominees and this number alone shows quality of their work. And about the judges in American Business Awards, we have to say that they are more than 200 experts from all different regions of the world so no priority for a region or any other type of preference was involved in this selection.

If you want to know more about this new startup then you can refer to CONCIERGE KEY Health official website or simply click here to get directed to their website. Over there you can get more information about this award winning startup and their approach and services. It’s fair to say that startup of the year is a bronze award of American Business Awards but it is extremely important and prestigious in startup world.

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