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Clearbit Connect

Marketing campaign can be hard to manage for most people. You may have problem managing it, planning it and all of the things related to this whole process. But if you want to work it out easier then you can use tools such as Clearbit Connect. This tool is a great and useful for marketing campaigns for both newcomers and professionals.

You can find your emails extremely fast in an easy way. You can get in touch with anyone you want right from your inbox.  You can search and find sale email addresses and find companies and many other useful information of people who can participate in your campaign. You can search people by their name, their jobs, job title and roles to get details you may need for your campaign.

How does Clearbit Connect works

Let’s make it a little bit simpler to understand, we will give you an example: just enter Clearbit Connect and enter the name of company which you are trying to find and contact. After that in an instance you will see available contacts which are connected and related to it.

After that you can know about them. These information include Social media profiles, Email addresses, Job title, physical location and a lot more.

Clearbit Connect is an amazing tool and it is extremely hard to explain extent of its facilities. This tool can help you gain access to people you need and make your campaign work. If you are a new startup then go on to their website and use their database of information and then start your marketing campaign.

Remember that Clearbit Connect is only a part of what Clearbit can offer. It is used by giants such as google, Uber, Linkedin and more so you can trust it too. You can install it for Gmail or Outlook and remember that you can install it on Gmail only using google chrome browser.

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