Manage your social world with Buffer

Manage your social world with Buffer

Buffer is an online tool which is extremely useful for startups. You can use this tool to manage your social network activities with ease and great control.

All of the startups need social network for multiple purposes. They can do advertisements there or even launch a marketing campaign. But the problem is that we have multiple social networks with multiple purpose and different audiences and as a startup you can’t afford to miss any of them.

On the other hand managing this huge amount may lead to confusion and extreme workload. In these situations you can use tools such as Buffer. And here in this article we will take a look at this tool to see what it has for you and us to offer

What is this tool?

If you refer to buffer’s official web site, they have introduced themselves like this: “Looking for an easier way to manage your social media marketing? Buffer makes it simple to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all your accounts in one place”

I believe that this sentence is more than enough to show you what they can do. You can sign up for free to start using buffer. After that you will have access to a dashboard which you can put your social management activities there.

You can add multiple accounts from multiple social media ecosystems. Even if you are and individual and not a startup, Buffer can be useful for you as an entrepreneur. In there you can access all of those accounts, plan your timing and leave the rest to Buffer to publish them in time and order.

How can I get Buffer?

this tool has multiple versions, you can use it on your desktop by adding an extension on your browser. This extension is extremely light and won’t make your system slow as a snail like some other extensions. But if you want to have Buffer on the run then you may need its mobile application.

You can have its app on both popular mobile OS’s in today’s world which are iOS and android. You can either get them form applications stores (app store for apple and play store for google) or you can directly go to Buffer’s official website to get things done from there.

After getting done, you can analyze how your pots worked on each social platform and that’s a great way to find out where and how you should approach your audience.

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