SmartGurlz, a startup that makes coding fun for little girls


Girls love their toys and their dolls are a major part of their world and a new startup used this fact to turn their beloved dolls into a learning system and teaches them how to code.

SmartGurlz is a company who has brought to life using crowd funding. This startup used an amazing idea and made it possible to teach kids something extremely useful while they can play at the same time. The idea is simple, product is a set of dolls which are riding scooters and to move them around, you need a mobile app.

What is SmartGurlz

Girls can use the interface made by the company to code their doll and make it move the way they want. This brings joy and learning close to each other and that’s why we can say it was an amazing startup idea.

These dolls are 5 types actually and each one of them has its own name. Users will receive an interface called Sugar Coded and use this interface to code for this self-balancing scooter riding doll.  CEO of SmartGurlz is a lady herself. Her name is Sharmi Albrechtsen and she first introduced her idea back in November 2017 in Shark Tank TV show.

Crowdfunding done correctly

After that she was able to raise around 150 thousand US dollars and get direct investment of 200,000 USD as well for 25& of companies share right now SmartGurlz is doing extremely well and this intelligent idea may help people teach their kids, ways of future.

These toys will cost 80 $ ad SmartGurlz are available in 5 types with different skin and hair color. Right now SmartGurlz is just aiming at girls but soon enough we will see similar products which are aiming at boys as well and this may lead to a better future with more educated kids around.

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