Bring your own device, a risky way to reduce startup costs

Bring your own device

Many startups are working with financial difficulties at the beginning of their life span. One of the modern approaches to overcome this problem is Bring your own device approach but today we will take a look at advantages and disadvantages of this approach to make you decide easier when it comes to saying go or no to Bring your own device.

What is Bring your own device?

This new method is based on the idea that your people can bring their own personal laptop and smart phone and work on these devices instead of using a device which should stay at work. This is a very simple way of doing business for startups and many people are going for it these days.

Benefits of Bring your own device

To begin with we have to say that it will reduce the cost of hardware in your team by a huge margin. If you have around 10 employees and you use Bring your own device then you can save the cost of 10 laptops or desktop systems.
On the other hand, this method can bring mobility to your work. People can finish their work even outside your company and in or on the way home. These two are the main benefits but there are a lot more to bring your own device. For example, each one of us are familiar with our devices and changing a device means that we need time to get use to it.

Even things such as keyboard layout and size can affect working speed and as a proof for this fact, you can ask any programmer. On the other hand, it will give employees the feeling that they involved more and own the business and that can improve their performance.

Down side of Bring your own device

Well it’s obvious that Bring your own device is not perfect by any means. The first problem you will face is security. When your data is on the run and you don’t completely own it then you should be worried a little.

The other problem is maintenance and safekeeping. If a computer stays in the office then it is less vulnerable to physical and software damages and you can have control on maintenance. But it is exactly opposite when it comes to using Bring your own device.

As we want to wrap up this part, we will suggest you an alternate version of bring your own device that can give you the same benefits without most of the trouble. You can provide devices and give it to your employees so they can take it home with them at the end of the day.

There is a lot more to talk about regarding Bring your own device but we don’t want to drag things here so if you feel like we have missed anything here then please leave us a comment down here.

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