Body language, the art of speaking with your actions

body language

You may be able to put the words together in the best possible way but there are times that you can’t get the effects you want. Many of these occasions happens when you are talking on the phone or any other non face to face way of communication. That because you are not able to use one of your best assets: your body. So today we want to talk about one of the most important weapons in your arsenal as a business man: Body language.

What is Body language?

Body language is the art of using your stance, your posture, your facial expression and your physical aspects in order to show something more than your words to your audience. So it’s something we all have and we just have to bloom this hidden flower. So today we will give you some fraction of what you can do to use it.

How much shall we rely on it?

Relying only on body language is wrong. Your speech effectiveness when you talk to someone new should be based on 40% content, 40% body language and 20% tone. So if you ignore the rest of your important things then you will not be able to achieve anything.

Hints and points you should remember

  • Analyze before act: you should know who you are talking to. Know your place and stay big, or closer to the ground or in the same level with your opponent. As an example if you are talking to a potential investor, you have to show your strong will but at the same time you should show some Humbleness toward them. If you want to get a business partner, you should show them that you are almost on the same level and if you are trying to convince someone about your company’s power then you should show your might (such as press conferences and etc.)
  • Dress yourself to show the situation: imaging UN board is talking in pair of shorts and tank tops, even thinking about it sound ridicules. Use formal for formal meetings, when you want to meet an employee on a non working day, dress casual. If you want to negotiate business then again dress formal and etc.
  • Make your stance proper: if you want to prove something, stand firm and tall. If you want to show that you have control, sit and relax while you are talking. Use your hands to express things and use aspects like table, pen and etc to show your level of attention. On the other hand, shaking your leg or playing with your pen may show you nervous and weak so avoid them.

These are only some of tips and we suggest you join classes or read books about this. One of my personal suggestions is: The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning behind People’s Gestures and Expressions. So go on and study using this amazing hidden gem within you.

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