an amazing startup with driverless cab hailing

509 views an amazing startup with driverless cab hailing

A new startup started working in USA recently which is called and their goal is to bring autonomous systems together with cab hailing systems.

We all know Uber these days but back then when they started their business, they we utterly unknown but their idea was so great that everyone got into it. So we may have our next Uber at hand. A new startup called has recently made a fuzz in the world of cab riding.

They have started testing their autonomous cabs. These cabs absolutely don’t look like any normal cab we know and there is one major difference: there is no driver. These cabs have a big label on them which says that they are driverless.

Their CEO Samee Tandon sound excited about and expresses his feeling like this: “its (their cabs) intended to be visually distinct. If you think of a school bus, you know when you’re around a school bus, it’s a really bad idea to say, harass it, or to do aggressive maneuvers around it. The first thing we want to do is make it very, very visibly distinct, so that your expectations around the vehicle also click.”

So we can clearly see that they are confident in their quality and that’s why they want to make it visible from day one. will use Nissan NV200 vans and put their driverless autonomous system on board as driver. They have started their work in New York City and people can use their services using a dedicated mobile app which will be available on play store and App store. sounded on 2015 and masterminds behind this project are some Stanford experts. They have worked on their technology for more than 2 years and now they are ready to grow big so remember the name because you will hear it more often soon.

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