7 Twitter Hacks


One of the toughest things for brands is successfully maintaining an active Twitter.

Keep in mind, the network can be a gold mine for higher traffic because of around 1 billion monthly visits to sites through embedded Tweets.

There are some hacks on Twitter that your market can try out to improve audience, engagement size, and traffic to your site.

In this post, you can learn some hacks on Twitter.

1. Try Twitter Search Operators

You’ve used the search feature on Twitter to find some accounts or Tweets containing a keyword.

But there are some hidden features on this search bar.

If you want to get a more detailed result, you can use the Advanced Search feature or use a combination of different Twitter search operators.

To narrow your results on a Twitter search, you can use some examples of search operators.

  • that/this – Tweets include either “that” or “this”, or both
  • social -media – Tweets include “social” but not “media”

Many brands are unaware that this platform has an Advanced Search feature because it’s not available in the mobile app and it’s kind of hidden.

You can find exactly what you’re looking for without having to use search operators by using Twitter Advanced Search.

Using Search Operators on Twitter you can find the exact content and save time with searching.

2. Try Lists on Twitter to Organize

Maybe you think that Twitter lists are underutilized.

By default, your mainstream contains groups that are all of the latest Tweets from people you’re following.

If you just want to browse a variety of Tweets, this is fine, but it’s not well organized.

Lists on Twitter help you to organize Tweets from a select group of users and this gives you a more streamlined experience.

You can find lots of methods to use lists on this platform to be more strategic with your marketing.

Here are some ways to know:

Influencer List

Build a list of the top influencers in your business.

To start building relationships, engage with these users on a daily basis.

Retweet, reply and like to their Tweets.

When you share a link that they might find useful, feel free to @mention them.

Eventually, to amplify your brand, you’ll have a solid network of movers and shakers.

Customer List

You brand want to interact with your current and past customers, so use Twitter as the perfect platform.

You can create a strong community for your business and increase your number of return customers at the same time.

For customer support, only communicate with customers on Twitter.

Your brand can Retweet, like and reply to all of your previous customers’ Tweets by creating a Twitter list.

Leads/Prospect List

B2B brands just need this type of list.

You need to contact a potential customer about seven times before you close a sale.

If your brand has been warming up a potential customer through sales calls, direct mail or emails you should put them on a list on Twitter so you can communicate with them on social media as well.

Don’t sell to your customers on Twitter though.

Use it as a method to share helpful content or to demonstrate your commitment by sharing their Tweets.

Top Sharers List

Try some social media analytics tools to handle things like Trends report to understand which users are sharing your Tweets the most.

Next, place all of these users to a Twitter list.

Let these users know first when you have something important to share.

To help you distribute your content You’ll be able to count on them.

You might even consider offering them a discount or some type of special offer to thank them for being your top sharers.

Public/Private List

You can make your Twitter lists private or public.

From the public list, everybody can view this type of lists, and people on this list will receive a notification.

But with a private list, only you can see who’s on it and the people you put them on this list won’t be notified.

For example, you can create a private list for internal use such as your potential customers, top sharers, and customer lists.

But you can create a public list of the top influencers in your industry.

3. Try Tweet on the Best Time Ranges

Only a small percentage of your followers will see your tweets if you randomly send out your Tweets.

If you send lots of Tweets every second, this means your followers’ timelines move quickly.

You need to send them out at the right time if you want to improve the visibility of your Tweets.

Companies performed some research on the best times to post to social media and collected different information to get to the perfect range.

Rely on the best ranges instead of an exact time is exactly what you should do.

Our information displayed some valuable insight:

  • Monday Through Thursday are the most recommended days to Tweet.
  • Thursday is the most recommended day to Tweet.
  • Around Noon on Thursday is the most recommended time range.
  • Any weekday from noon and 3 pm is the safest time to Tweet.
  • Early mornings and late nights are the least recommended time ranges.

4. Try Scheduling Tweets for Multiple Days

Don’t just Tweet an awesome piece of content that you create and want to get as many eyes on as possible once and forget about it.

To get more impressions and engagement, try sharing the same content on multiple days, at different times.

Don’t be worried about seeming too repetitive when sharing the same piece of content five days in one week.

The likelihood of the same exact users seeing your same piece of content each time is slim Even though you’re sharing it multiple times.

5. Hack Moments on Twitter

A few years ago, Twitter released Moments and this feature is still one of the best spaces to find the latest trends and news.

You can give users a snapshot of the latest stories from all the world and what’s common on Twitter at the moment by using this feature.

Users can see your Tweets even if they aren’t following you by the ability of Moments.

Track events, hashtag holidays and other annual happenings for content creation are one of the better Twitter hacks.

Before these type of days take place, create new content that you can Tweet out to promote it by putting together a social media editorial calendar that includes important holidays and events.

The best type of content to create is visual because they’re more eye-catching for people scrolling through the latest Moments.

Moments organize into different categories including entertainment, sports, news, and fun.

The best chance for most brands is showing up in the Fun section.

6. To Get Past 140-Character Limit Try Images

The character limit on Twitter can be very–well.

You can easily snap a screenshot within your smartphone’s notes if you need to get out more than 140 characters.

Keep in mind, your actual Tweet is short and to the point, if you select to do this.

There’s a reason why this platform still uses 140 characters’ limit and so many users still try it.

People want the space to be fast and not bogged down with long text tweets.

For bypassing the 140-character limit, this Twitter hack is perfect.

7. Try to Promote Your Top Tweets

Once a Tweet gets lots of engagement, this means your followers connect with it.

Give promoted Tweets a try by using that as an opportunity to double down.

By promoting a Tweet that has already succeeded, you’re decreasing your risk of having your campaign flop.

You can get new followers and more awareness for your brand by promoting Tweets that give you the opportunity to share your top Tweets with users that aren’t following you.

Another way is to promote a Tweet about the same subject as one of your top Tweets.

For example, you could create a free eBook on how to go Paleo and run a promoted campaign if one of your most engaged Tweets was about how to lose weight with a Paleo diet.

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