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You can now create super-simple polls directly on Twitter with just the click of a button or a tap on your phone with the release of its Polls feature.

An easy way to interact with your audience is Twitter Polls.

Use this feature on Twitter if you want the public’s opinion on anything.

Consumers can voice their opinions and thoughts from Twitter as the most popular social network for this goal.

Start with Twitter, if you ever want to know your customers had a bad experience with your company or how customers feel about a new product.

While Twitter released Polls feature, brands can simply listen to their customers

Twitter Polls let you collect valuable feedback from your audience and you can build them in less than a minute.

In this post, you can learn more about Twitter Polls.

Why Twitter Polls?

Its ease of use is one of the greatest benefits of Twitter Polls.

Once Twitter introduced Polls, people don’t look to completing online surveys or feedback cards unless they’re getting something in return.

By other tools, you need to go to an external resource like a website, fill out your data and then answer questions.

When this feature exists on Twitter, all a person has to do is select an answer and they’re done.

You’re not making them go to an external tool or complete pages of questions.

Also, the social sight of the polls takes away the negative effect associated with traditional surveys.

You can Retweet the poll to your followers once results show up immediately, which allows it to spread organically.

here are some methods to be successful with Twitter Polls:

1. Try Polls Consistently

You give followers a reason to keep coming back to your profile by using Twitter polls consistently.

Most brands with many followings try to get users to go directly to their Twitter profile.

This is because most people on Twitter scroll through their own feed to find the latest Tweets from all the accounts they follow.

Followers are more likely to visit your profile to see the latest Twitter Polls When you have a daily or weekly poll.

Try to create a routine, and add weekly or daily Polls on Twitter to your social media calendar each month.

2. Use the Right Poll Length

You can set an end date for the voting participation when creating Twitter Polls.

This builds a sense of urgency and gives you a set amount of information to look at.

By default, Twitter Polls are set to one day.

But your brand can set Polls’ length for as little as five minutes or as long as seven days.

Few factors can determine the length of your poll:

  • Length of Time that the question is sensitive.
  • Amount of data that you want to collect.
  • The time when your poll will go live.

Most brands like to use polls based on recent events.

It’s a good idea to make some Twitter Polls as Pinned Tweets when they last longer than a day.

This technique helps the poll to stay at the top of your profile instead of being buried underneath all of your newer Tweets.

You can remove the poll and replace it with a new one once the poll is finished.

3. Try Hashtag

You’ll notice our example of Twitter Polls contain hashtags.

Using hashtags on Twitter Polls can make it easier for users to find your polls and track conversations.

Some people won’t reply directly to your Tweet, they will use your hashtag.

This way will put your brand account in front of millions of people who may not be familiar with your brand but are searching for topics related to your business.

4. Know Your Audience

You can easily get to know your audience without trying boring or exhausting surveys just by using Twitter Polls.

You will get valuable insight into the needs and wants of your customers by asking certain questions.

Make sure you’re asking questions that go beyond demographics when you want to use Twitter Polls to gather information about your customers.

5. Place Polls in Blog Posts

You can use Twitter Poll on your website, so they not only live on Twitter.

There are many free tools online to build embeddable polls.

Twitter Polls help you the added bonus of attracting a new audience.

Exactly like normal Tweets, you can add the polls into pages which means they include a clickable Follow button.

6. Promote Services & Products

Your brand must use a minimum of promotional Tweets.

A Twitter Poll makes it feel more like entertainment than an advertisement if you’re going to Tweet about your services and products.

For instance, a company promote its new product and asked its followers how they would use that.

This way helps the company to introduce a new product without using a sales ad.

Don’t fill your Twitter feed with promotional Tweets for your next product launch.

While still being entertaining try Integrate a clever poll that makes your new product known.

7. Ask for Opinions

When you showing your customers that you value their opinions, this builds your customer loyal.

Allow customers and followers to vote on different aspects of your company by using Twitter Polls:

  • Your new products
  • New locations of your store
  • Ideas about content
  • re-designs You Logo

The concept of crowdsourcing ideas from customers is easy by using Social media.

You can quickly get input from your followers by trying Twitter Polls.

Your customers are more likely to promote and recommend products and services when they feel invested in brands.

8. Get Customer Feedback

Did you recently release a new service or product?

A great way to gauge customer sentiment is a Twitter Poll.

You can get insight into how your followers feel about your current products by Customer feedback, as well as tips you can use for future products.

Your team can try a poll to figure out what type of content to Tweet.

Don’t forget to read the replies in addition to the data you get from the poll itself.

People will give extra data that’s more valuable than just numbers.

Make improvements based on the needs of your customers by using the data you gather.

9. Entertain Your Audience

I think entertain and engage with followers is the most common use of Twitter Polls.

Twitter Polls encourage people to engage more than plain text because the polls are interactive.

10. Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can increase your website traffic by using Twitter Polls as an excellent tool.

For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) created a quiz on its website in order to promote World Antibiotics Awareness Week.

Next, who Tweeted questions from the quiz with a link back to its website to take the entire quiz.

Look at your existing content to do something same.

Think about some questions you can pull from that and build it into a Twitter Poll with a link back to your website.

You can use this simple technique for new content as well as related content in your archives.

11. Use Polls During Live Events

The ability to communicate with followers in real time is one of the biggest assets of Twitter for business.

To engage with your audience, you don’t have to wait until after an event is over.

If you want to create an immersive experience for your followers, just combine that timeliness with Twitter Polls.

You can easily tap into the topics your audience is discussing right now by using Twitter Polls during live events.

Keep in mind, this platform is where people go to stay up to date on what’s currently happening around the world and their interests.

By asking questions related to events they’re likely to be following, put your brand in the middle of the conversation.


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