Walmart offers 16 billion for Indian online store startup Flipkart

Walmart offers 16 billion for Indian online store startup

If you know India then the name Flipkart is not a strange name for you. This startup worked for around a decade with great growth rate and right now they are equal to amazon and higher than eBay in one of the largest markets in the world.

This can show the potential of startup ideas and it didn’t take long for other giants to approach this website. Right now Walmart offered a huge deal to buy Flipkart. They have offered 16 billion US dollars which might not get accepted by Flipkart owners.

Advantages for other startups

Flipkart’s worth is estimated around 21 billion US dollars and this company knows how to deal with tough Indian market. But what’s in this deal for startups in India?  If Walmart buys Flipkart then we may see a huge jump in startup approach in India.

If Walmart comes to India under an Indian name then a lots of eyes from west will turn to similar possibilities there and that a golden opportunity for startups to shine.


Right now media dubbed this deals result as Flipmart (Flipkart + Walmart of course) and this shows that minds are ready for this to happen. It can boost startups struggle to move beyond their current shell and break out of it. It may even bring startups from other countries to India and that’s why this deal can be a huge effective one for the whole region.

Many experts think that this approach makes this business a giant beyond their current capacity and they can do what Alibaba did in china. So the only thing remained is agreement over fee and then we will see a startup boost for India and its neighbors.

Bye-bye plastic, hello AlgoteK

On the other hand, Flipkart founder and cofounders can use this money to make a new wave of entrepreneurship in India and that’s why startups are hyped over this deal.

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