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Many of us spend hours and hours of our life managing, reading and spamming different emails in our inbox or to send them to another person’s inbox. When you have a startup to run then you may have a lot to trouble finding  proper time slot to do all these small things and hats why we all need an email management system. In this article we will talk about a great Gmail management system called Boomerang.

This tool let you manage emails based on time and make a schedule to send them automatically to their audience. This is only one side of the coin. Sometime we forget to send an email and that’s bad enough to ruin our reputation as a business holder but as the matter of fact, worst thing is that you forget about an Email which you have already sent.

Why Boomerang for Gmail?

So why Boomerang for Gmail?  Its quiet simple effective, fast and trustworthy. When you manage an email to be sent, you can add reminders for it so later on you will get notification abut following it up. That’s why only sent management is not enough and Boomerang gives us a good taste of time management in our Gmail services.

If we want to summarize Boomerang facilities in a short list then it would be like this:

  • Send Emails later
    using this ability you can write an email and schedule it for later. It will be sent to all of the people you have put in the list.
  • Reminder for a sent Email’s follow up
    in business you may have to send follow up Emails and time is essential for this one so you can use this tool to do that.
  • Reminder about not replied Emails
    you may expect a reply from some of Emails you send and Boomerang will help you remember this task.
  • Text correction
    this tool will check your text for grammar and spelling mistakes and corrects them for you.
  • Mobile versions
    you can have a version of it on your PC or on your android or iOS based devices, so technically you

There are a lot more to this tool but you can go to their website and use their service to discover more about its facilities. Believe us, it is helpful and amazingly good for your time management. You won’t miss any appointment, deadline or customers follow up and that’s why any startup needs something like Boomerang.

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