Start a startup without money

startup without money

Maybe you ask in yourself: “How to run a small business or startup without money?” in the world nothing is possible without investing energy. By energy, I mean money and time. ok? If you haven’t any money you can pay time to launch your dreamy business.

I ran my own online business without money and when before I was started I did research into big business websites and read a lot of books and asked from a smart entrepreneur about commencing a startup without money and after that I selected below ways: (good news it’s: these ways 100% works)

Genius teams

If you want to launch a new startup, don’t hurry. you should explore and find the best team in that field of work and try to work with them, Whether in person or remotely. with this work, you can catch 2 things, MONEY & EXPERIENCE. This is smart, test it. Why don’t you give it a try?


Some people have free time and love your work’s field. You can announce some goals of new works, mayhap some people join you for free and they want to help you in your dreamy ways. Just enough send a public message on your social media ( twitter, facebook or Instagram)

Free Tools

In all over the world, we have a lot of tools that can help you to build your startup or small business without money.
You can use:

  • Free website builder (like WordPress)
  • Free logo builder (like Logojoy)
  • Free Application builder (like AppGeyser)
  • And other free tools…

Low profit

Don’t follow the money in the first steps. You should only think about value. which value do you want to add to your customers, or society or your area of expertise?

If you want to make money by means of selling products or services, you consider minimum profit for yourself. With this way, you can stay between customer’s options.

Forget ideals

The best logo is good, a fantastic design is excellent, a powerful website or application is amazing, but forget all of them. You may ask why??? because they need a lot of money and they aren’t necessary for the first version of your fledgling startup. You should create MVP(Minimum Valuable Products) version of your dreamy website or application. This means you build a thing that works good enough.

If You’re Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late

Forget money and follow your dreams, NOW.

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