Springboard, a tool for all female startup Folks


Today we are going to talk about a tool which technically is not a tool but works just like one. It’s a little bit complicate to explain when you don’t know what Springboard is but after reading this article, you will know how it is a kind of startup tool.

We all know about the sexism in business world. Women are usually don’t get what they deserve: equal chances with men. Since we always focus on startup here, today we have brought you something special, a startup tool that helps ladies in startup world.

What is Springboard?

This tool called Springboard is an enterprise system which acts as a front lines in fight against sexism. it does this great and ambitious act by providing a hub of innovators, investors, and influencers to support Women owned or women run startups.

If you have a startup or an accelerator and you can’t move it forward then you can count on Springboard and ask for their help in your business. If we want to explain what is Springboard in the simplest way then we can say that it is a women-led nonprofit ecosystem which connects female founders and entrepreneurs to experts who have experience in doing business and delivery of success.

Why Springboard is a startup tool?

Well as we have said before, Springboard is an enterprise but we have described it as a tool. That’s because the service they are giving is just like a tool. You have a problem and you need expert view, then you go for Springboard and apply there to get help. This is just like a tool that you can use to get information. Their services are not free (obviously) but since they are non-profit then what they earn will be used for greater good.

So if you are a woman (or a man who respects women and believe in them as equals) then you should go for Springboard and support their idea and use their services which are amazingly good, this way you can help other women and your own business at the same time.

Springboard is so vast that we cannot explain all their work here and as the matter of fact, they give services based on their startup customer needs and this will lead to a huge world of possibilities. And by the way, if you don’t need help but you can be help, I guess that they will appreciate your knowledge and experience.

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