Sketch, a designing tool for you to look professional


There are many   design tools available for startups but to be honest, most of them are not that effective after some point because you will improve beyond them but Sketch is different, this tool is easy to work hard to master and made for everyone, from hardcore pros to beginners like me.

What is Sketch?

If we want to put it in the simplest possible way then we have to say that Sketch is a digital design toolkit. It is built to help startup people create their best works. You can work your way from early ideas and take them step by step in the way until you reach the final stage and make the final assets.

If you want to use sketch for the first time then you may find it a little hard to work with but after sometime and working with this tool for a couple of days then you feel like it is tailor made for you.

Power of plugins

Sketch is a great tool built for designers who need help to manage their work. It has a lot of useful features and each one of them can make work a lot easier for you. It also has an amazingly effective interface that will allow you to work easy and fast.

But the best feature in my personal opinion are powerful plugins for sketch. These plugins are not made by the sketch company but they are built by a community of developers working with this tool. This way it can you focus on what you need and find the best option to do it fast and effective.

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to plugins and even if you want, you can make your own plugin and share it with the others. But remember that for some plugins, you have to pay license fee but some are free as well.

Reusability and feedback

You can design once with sketch and modify it multiple times. Re-usability of this tool is so good that you can use it anywhere you want again. So there is no need for repeated work of base and you can create your base and make the final box on it each time.  Using this method, you can share design task in your team and guide them on the path you feel that’s right for your team.

On the other hand, sketch has feedback gathering system and you can learn how others react to your design and rectify your mistake based in these feed backs. Go on and try it now, you will feel like you have found your missing piece of the puzzle.

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